How to choose the right scented candle?

par Saïda & Omar

In addition to lighting your home, the scented candle also brings a charming atmosphere to your home. It can also give you a certain comfort and well-being. However, it is important to choose the right candle to be able to enjoy all its beneficial properties in the best possible way. Here are some tips to help you select the best product for your needs.

Do not neglect the nature and origin of the wax

The first thing to do when choosing a scented candle is to check the nature of the wax. Generally, manufacturers use components of mineral, animal or vegetable origin. However, the first type of wax can lead to toxicological risks if it does not comply with extremely strict standards. The latter is rarely used because of its rarity. The best choice is still vegetable wax, as it has many advantages, namely its natural and ecological aspect.

natural wax candle

Côté Bougie designs its products generally on the basis of soya wax.The latter is known for its uniform texture. It also has the ability to adhere effectively to smooth surfaces such as glass, ceramic and metal. This is why our candles are presented in beautiful jars. Among others, we can mention the collection Tamegroute, Chama Chraibi, Mabré and many others.

Consider the quality of the wick

The wick plays a vital role in the quality of a scented candle. It is used to fuel the flame that melts the wax to release the fragrance into the air. Therefore, it is important to consider its quality. On some products, manufacturers use a synthetic wick. This is far from natural and must meet certain standards. Wooden wicks are also available on the market, but they are considered a poor scent diffuser.

quality candle wick

The craft house Côté Bougie, for its part, highlights scented candles equipped with hand-woven Italian cotton wicks . This is known to be ideal as it is entirely natural. It is also able to guarantee the longevity of the product as well as the optimal diffusion of the perfume.

Making the right choice of fragrance

There are many different scents on the market. It is therefore important to select the best scent to choose your candle. The decision should be made according to your taste, the place where you will install the diffuser and the season. Through our products we focus on three main categories of fragrance:

Opt for a scented candle in harmony with your interior decoration

Usually, scented candles are accompanied by a jar. The latter comes in different shapes and forms. They can thus participate in the decoration of your interior in addition to creating a pleasant atmosphere there. You will also have to choose the container for your diffuser. Côté Bougie offers its consumers a wide range of collections. We can mention among others :

This list is not exhaustive. To discover the other collections, do not hesitate to visit the Côté Bougie website .

Bougie dorée or
Bougie décoration

Favor artisanal and natural products

Craft candles usually display a certain charm. They bring to your interior a touch that is both traditional and a fairly modern design like those we offer at Côté Bougie. This combination is possible thanks to the know-how of our Moroccan craftsmen . We also take care to choose the right manufacturing materials to offer you unique products. These are designed according to an eco-responsible approach .

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