How to clean a used scented candle jar ?

par Saïda & Omar

Candles have become decorative objects in their own right, in addition to delicately scenting every room in the house. We buy or offer them for the perfume they give off of course but let’s be honest, also for their pretty pots.

So it’s a shame to throw them away, don’t you think ? To give them a second life, here are 5 tips for removing wax from a jar!


Our 5 tips for removing wax from a candle jar


The water bath : the simplest solution

The water bath is not only used to melt chocolate for your cakes. The proof ! You can use this method to remove the wax from the bottom and sides of your candle jar. Here’s how to do it :

  • Fill a pot with water that you will boil
  • Place a container over the pan
  • Place the candle jar in this container
  • Remove the jar after about ten minutes when the wax is softened
  • With a knife, remove the remaining wax

Now you just need to wash your candle jar with a sponge, some washing up liquid and that’s it !

The freezer : an ally to remove wax from a candle jar

This is a quick and easy way to remove wax from your candle jars. Just place the jar in your freezer overnight. The wax will freeze and peel off the sides of the jar.

After the night (or a few hours depending on the amount of wax), you can remove the jar and remove the wax very easily with a knife. Now wash the pot to give it a new life !


Hot water : simple  !

This is a tip we recommend for jars with thick glass (too thin, there is a risk that the glass will shatter). Here are the steps to remove wax from a candle jar with hot water :

  • Boil water in a saucepan
  • Then pour this boiling water into the candle jar. Only fill the jar halfway as the wax will rise to the surface on its own
  • Let stand until the water is cold and the wax is on the surface
  • Remove the wax and clean the jar

Your pot is now ready and you are free to use it according to your imagination in terms of decoration.


Your oven for the cleanest candle jar

The oven can also be used to remove wax from a candle jar. Here’s how to do it, step by step :

  • Preheat your oven to 100° C
  • Put aluminum foil on your baking sheet
  • Place your pot upside down on the plate
  • Keep an eye on it regularly as the time varies depending on the amount of wax in the jar
  • Remove the jar with a kitchen glove (before the wax hardens again)
  • Wash your pot and it’s all !


And finally, the hair dryer

It’s not the most practical solution, but it’s another trick for removing wax from a candle in a jar that may be useful to know.

Hold your pot with an oven mitt and turn on your hair dryer to ” hot “. Direct the hair dryer to the sides and bottom. When the wax is softened, scrape it off with a butter knife.


To conclude

Because scented candle jars are pretty, because it’s a gift and you care about it, because you like to recycle everything, cleaning and removing the wax from a jar can give it a new life. You now have all the key information to find a new usecase for your candle jar!

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