Deco tip: artistic and decorative scented candles

par Saïda & Omar

As we spend a lot of time in our homes, it is important to feel comfortable. By incorporating artistic accessories into your decor, you can make a difference and create a truly unique atmosphere. In addition to giving off a pleasant scent, decorative scented candles can also act as a decorative asset. Let’s find out how this artistic side of scented candles manifests itself.  scented candles

Opt for a scented candle in your decoration 

There are many things to consider when deciding to incorporate an artistic candle into your interior design. These include the style of your interior, the space and the location of the object in question. These parameters must be taken seriously to avoid an unbalanced arrangement or even an error in taste. And don’t forget to consider the primary function of your scented candle, which is to diffuse a pleasant fragrance in your home.

Passionate and talented craftsmen able to offer you unique pieces

In order to offer unique and authentic products, Côté Bougie collaborates with various passionate artists. They each have their own specialities which are reflected in the collections. Ces derniers présentent chacun leurs propres spécialités qui se reflètent à travers les collections.

The Chama Chraibi collection

This collection of scented candles is the result of our collaboration with the artist Chama Chraibi. She is a young artist who is known for her minimalist drawings. In her figures she tries to simplify the representation of this complex world with a special technique. This method is called one-line-drawing and consists of making drawings with only one continuous line. The various products in the Chama Chraibi collection can thus make your decor exceptional.

artist candle

The Moroccan Definition collection

Moroccan definition was created by working with Musk Studio. Musk Studio is a wall art brand launched by a young Moroccan woman called Fadwa Azhari. She specialises in creating visuals that will enhance your interior. Subsequently, this collaboration gave birth to scented candles that highlight Moroccan writing and its pop culture through messages. They mainly address the themes of travel (safar), love (hob) and hope (amal).  

candle text love travel

Noble materials: Raphia, Sabra, terracotta  

It is essential to specify that all the collections available at Côté Bougie are designed by craftsmen. All stages of the candle making process are entirely by handmade. For example, we work with a women’s cooperative in the Essaouira region to weave the raffia for the candles in the raffia collection. These will bring a touch of elegance to your home.

Through our various products, we strive to safeguard Moroccan know-how and talent in the field of craftsmanship. However, we never rule out the development of new skills. This is why we work with artists who are experts in contemporary art. This cooperation makes it possible to combine traditional style with modernity.

Glass and ceramics: two highly artistic materials

The most popular containers for scented candles are usually made of glass and ceramic. This is due to their modular nature. They can therefore be very aesthetically pleasing, as designers are able to give them different shapes, colours and patterns, making each piece unique.

blown glass candles

The famous and mythical Beldi glass

The Beldi glass is widely used throughout the world and accompanies many scented candles. It is important to know that this mythical container meets all the necessary conditions to be considered a work of art. First and foremost, it is made from several quantities of recycled glass. No machines are used in its manufacture. The glasses are then mouth-blown and cut by hand by very talented Moroccan craftsmen.

Côté Bougie also offers scented candles in Beldi glass. This collection is the result of a beautiful collaboration with the artist Kessy Beldi. You can choose between several scents: candied lemon, mint and tea, mandarin majorella, date, orange blossom and oriental. With these products, you can be sure to create a good atmosphere in your home and own an authentic object.

Tamegroute: the famous green pottery  

Moroccans have always been renowned for their mastery of the art of pottery. Among their many handicrafts, there is the Tamegroute. The latter is the result of an ancestral know-how that has been passed down from father to son. Its particular colours, which are a mixture of shaded green, ochre and brown, give it an incredible charm.   Tamegroute pottery is unique and is the only one to offer this special green

Côté Bougie offers a collection of scented candles with different types of scents. The decorative scented candles thus play on the 2 tables: the artistic and the olfactory, which makes them one of the master pieces of interior decoration. 

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