Choosing the right perfume diffuser

par Saïda & Omar

There are many ways to create a scented atmosphere in your home: candles, sprays or even diffusers. It can therefore be difficult to make the right choice. This is why it is strongly advised to take into account certain selection criteria. These will help you to make the best decision. Let’s discover together these parameters to consider before buying a room fragrance for the interior of your home.

A fragrant interior depending on the type of diffuser used

Before choosing the ideal room fragrance for your home, you need to consider the type of diffuser you will be using. This will have a significant impact on the quality of your fragrance. We offer three types of aroma diffusers in our shop. These are the scented candle, diffuser by capillary and the room spray.

The scented candle

This diffusion medium is highly appreciated for its efficiency and durability. The scented candle can also participate in the decoration of your interior, and can spread a soft and pleasant atmosphere for periods ranging from 40 hours for the smallest models (size S of our ranges) to more than 400 hours (size XL) for the largest candles!

interior candle

It is therefore the perfect medium if you want to enjoy a constant, but moderately intense fragrance. This is very important when choosing a scent. At Côté Bougie, we offer collections that combine a traditional touch with modern design.

Diffuser by capillary

This diffuser is easily recognisable by its stems dipped in a bottle of perfume. It has the capacity to spread the perfume you have chosen in a progressive and continuous way. This decorative object can make your home welcoming and pleasantfor several weeks, depending on the size of the container. Different collections with handmade touches are available on our site.

air freshener diffuser

Room spray

The room spray or vaporiser is generally used on a one-off basis, unlike the other two diffusers. It is known to be effective for quick use, as its diffusion lasts only about 30 minutes. This method of use will greatly influence the choice of fragrance.

spray perfume

It is the ideal diffuser if you want to enjoy a breath of fragrant air instantly. Enjoy a serene and welcoming interior with our unique scents. Enjoy a serene and welcoming interior with our unique scents.

Choose a scent according to the room

Each of the rooms in your home has its own particularities: the bathroom, the bedroom, the living room and the kitchen, etc. Therefore, the interior fragrance to use will depend on the location. For example, a discreet atmosphere is excellent for your kitchen and dining room. A more cozy atmosphere with floral scents is perfect for the bathroom while enjoying a nice bath. Large rooms should also be considered. It is best to opt for intense scents to cover a larger area.

Favouring high-quality natural products

When choosing a fragrance for your home, it is always wise to opt for all-natural products. These have the advantage of being beneficial to our mood and well-being. Not to mention that they are environmentally friendly. I

natural and organic perfume

t is this eco-friendly approach that Côté Bougie tries to convey through its wide range of fragrance collections.

The possibility of mixing several fragrances

It is totally feasible to mix two or three fragrances to create a unique and original atmosphere. With our oriental, floral and gourmet scents, the possibilities are endless. Our orange blossom blends very well with fig tree to create a fruity atmosphere in your home. Oriental fragrances combine perfectly with mint and tea to allow you to travel even while at home.

Tips and tricks to achieve a pleasant atmosphere in your home

For optimal use of your home fragrance, it is necessary to use the diffuser properly. For candles, it is advisable to light it one hour in advance to diffuse the scent in the room. Its use also implies a certain vigilance to avoid a fire. As for capillary diffusers, it is essential to place them away from draughts to avoid the risk of premature drying of the perfume supply. For sprays, it is not advisable to spray them towards a heat source, as they contain alcohol which is extremely flammable.

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