6 secrets about Oud perfume

par Saïda & Omar

You have probably already noticed this woody and slightly leathery smellin some perfumes. Known by many names such as wood of the gods, aloe wood or Agar wood, the Arabic name Oud has become the essential ingredient in the composition of most luxury perfumes. Let’s update the revelations about this very rare and highly prized product.

Oud, a highly prized ingredient due to its rarity

Oud is the result of a defence mechanism secreted by 1 in 100 trees against certain fungi. Only a few types of tropical trees produce it, which makes Oud a rare raw material. So rare that its price can sometimes exceed that of gold. Hence its other name, ‘black gold’. Which is to say that a single drop can make a perfume a luxury product.

oud wood

Oud perfume, considered a luxury product

It takes a long process to obtain this resin. A tree takes 30 years to mature. The infection by the fungus takes up to 5 years to be palpable and it will take 6 months or more for the tree to finally secrete the resin. All this to say that it is understandable that Oud is a luxury product.

Côté Bougie strives to offer its customers high-quality products. The Scent of Morroco collection of scented candles with an Oud fragrance, for example, is the ideal fragrance to travel to the heart of the Orient. Not to mention that in addition to creating a special atmosphere in your home, this accessory also plays a crucial role in your decoration. Other products such as thestick diffuser or the black maillechort spinning top are also available in our shop.

oud reed diffuser

Oud wood in perfumery: delicate handling required

Il est important de préciser que l’oud est une essence qui est difficile à manier. La senteur qu’il dégage est à la fois complexe et puissante. Cette ténacité peut même rendre la tâche des grands parfumeurs compliqués. Voilà pourquoi, il est souvent associé à des notes plus fraîches comme les fragrances florales pour atténuer son caractère presque brutal.

Composition of a fragrance: oud usually as a base note

Although the pure and simple Oud stands on its own, its woody and leathery scent blends very well with other aromas. It can go from floral or fruity to leathery, animal or raw. However, in a composition, this ingredient is usually used as a base note or even a top note. The reason for this is its tendency to stay on the skin or in the atmosphere for longer periods of time, up to several hours. So don’t hesitate to opt for our oud room spray. This little wonder is able to bring a certain character to your interior so that you can feel good.

base note and top note

The benefits of oud wood : more than a perfume, a therapy !

In the Middle East, oud wood is considered a divine manifestation with the power to purify the body. The highly fragrant resin can be used for therapeutic purposes. Indeed, oud wood is not just intended to be a simple ingredient in a fragrance. For example, Asians use it to treat stomach ailments. Oud is also recommended as a defence against insect bites and wounds.

The spiritual dimension behind oud perfume

The use of oud is not limited to perfumery or therapeutic use. For many religions, this luxury ingredient also has a spiritual dimension. Some cultures associate it with harmony and serenity. For this reason, it is often applied in the home to eliminate negative and destructive energies. For example, Muslims are accustomed to burning oud wood during their prayer sessions. They believe that their prayers rise to the Creator through the smoke.

So you can calm your mind by igniting our collection of oud fragrance burning oil It is very special, because it is able to diffuse in your home a soft and pleasant woody scent. This fragrance can take you on a journey to the land of a thousand and one nights. We also attach great importance to the use of natural materials in the design of our collections.

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