Create a Spa atmosphere with scented candles

par Saïda & Omar

You can’t talk about Morocco without thinking about its wonderful spas,but also about our candles that fit perfectly in this cocooning atmosphere.

In addition to seeking the feeling of relaxation, the spa is probably the most relaxing and healthy place to be on many levels. It fights stress, insomnia and many other ailments… If you are not lucky enough to come to Morocco, take advantage of these magical places, here are some tips and tricks to turn your home into a wellness palace.

Choose the right fragrance for maximum relaxation.

For decades, candles have been used for their relaxing effects. Scented candles are an essential element of relaxation, generating a warmth that softens and softens the warm atmosphere of your bathroom. They are therefore an indispensable accessory when you want to pamper yourself in a spa-like atmosphere at home. Our candles help to beautify the room as well as to scent it.

Our candles are and will become a major element in creating a cosy atmosphere in your bathroom. The flames create a soft and soothing light. Simply place them alongside your bathtub or carefully place them in the room.

What characterises our Moroccan spas is the relaxing atmosphere, which is experienced through our sense of smell. Our candles have nothing left to prove when it comes to diffusing oriental, floral and gourmet scents… unique scents! They will give you the feeling of being there while staying warm at home.

Our tips for choosing the right fragrance

If you are looking for a relaxing atmosphere, our Mandarin fragrance will have a calming and purifying action on you while promoting sleep.

Tangerine candle

To help you concentrate and tackle a difficult week at work, our Mint & Tea candle will reduce your fatigue, invigorate your nervous system and at the same time stimulate your immune system.

mint and tea scented candle

For a comforting Sunday, our Oriental scented candle is ideal for meditation, it invigorates and keeps negative thoughts away.

oriental perfume

A regenerating spa? Nothing better than our fig fragrance candle that will regulate your stress, soothe your mind and your emotional disorders.

fig candle

Our scented and decorative candles are 100% natural and entirely handmade in Marrakech, in our workshop.

The spa is a ritual that allows you to fully take care of yourself. Now that you are in an oriental atmosphere, you can start your body treatments, scrubbing, gentle exfoliation of the face with special sponges or gloves that will help you to scrub.

Finish with a relaxing bath, nothing better when you are exhausted. This is the most important step in your home spa session.

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