Our tips for using your scented candle

par Saïda & Omar

Owning a scented candle brings elegance to a room, a unique atmosphere and fragrance. But you should know that it is essential to know how to use it well to enjoy the benefits of this fragrance diffuser in the best possible way. Let’s discover together the tips and tricks to enjoy your scented candle.


The first reflexes to have for a good use

When you receive the product, you can already appreciate its cold smell. Before switching it on, it is a good idea to find an ideal location for it. Choose a flat, draught-free surface. It is also advisable to keep your scented candle away from children and your cat. You should also consider the decoration of the place where you are going to install it. Our Mogador Black  XL in raffia, for example, looks great on a dining table or near a bathtub.

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Extinguish your candle properly to avoid the smell of smoke

Contrary to popular belief, the best way to extinguish a candle is not to blow out the wick. Doing so can cause a smoky smell to spread through your room. It also increases the likelihood of damaging your wick. It is best to gently smother the flame. This involves using a snuffer or wick dipper. Using the tip of a knife is also a very practical alternative.

Taking good care of the wick

The wick is an essential part of your scented candle. Its mission is to melt the wax to let the fragrance you have chosen escape into the air. For your information, Côté Bougie generally offers three types of atmosphere for its scented candles, namely gourmand aromas, oriental scents and floral fragrances. Moreover, concerning the wick, it is important to pay attention to their height. You must cut them if they are too long to avoid the emission of black smoke.

It is also important to note that each of our scented candles is available in different sizes. The models from size M, L and XL have 3, 4 and 5 all-natural cotton wicks respectively. For these products, it is crucial to pay extra attention. You should not hesitate to check the length of the strands regularly. They are supposed to fit well.

3 wicks candleThe perfect occasions to light your scented candle

Normally there is no ideal time to light your scented candle. You can do it whenever you feel like it. But generally, as this diffuser is able to transform your room into a pleasant place, you can light it to soothe and relax. A dinner party with friends is also the best occasion to create a warm atmosphere. Our Scents of Morocco collectionis the ideal candle to welcome guests because of its warm and friendly character.

Signs that your candle is being used correctly

There are several indicators that you are using your scented candle correctly. The first sign is the absence of a hollow in the wax. This means that the wax should flow gradually and evenly. The position of the wick also indicates the correct use of the diffuser. It should be in the middle of the diffuser for models with only one wick.

Risks to consider when using a scented candle

Care should be taken when handling a scented candle. Above all, it is not advisable to leave it burning unattended in your home. It is imperative to always extinguish the flame before leaving a room. This small reflex will avoid the risk of fire. It is also highly recommended to place the diffuser away from extremely flammable materials such as sheets, curtains and drapes. These tips seem obvious, but it is always good to remember them.  

Favour naturally made scented candles

When choosing a scented candle, look for all-natural products. The reason for this is that some products use chemical compounds that are likely to cause intoxication. The collections proposed by Côté Bougie are specially designed from noble and ecological materials with a wax and a wick entirely vegetable. It should be noted that we attach great importance to the environment, hence this eco-responsible approach.

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