Integrating terracotta into your interior design

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The leading experts in decoration are increasingly turning to natural materials. This is why more and more homes have terracotta floors, walls and objects. The textures and colours of these elements are capable of giving a unique charm to your rooms. Let’s take a closer look at the best ways to integrate this material into your interior design.

Use terracotta pots to embellish your tables

Table decoration is a matter of taste. We are certainly a little biased, but in our opinion, one of the best ways to enhance them is to place terracotta pots on them, whether they are flower pots or candles. It’s even a good idea to put several different types of pots on the ground to create a certain harmony. However, don’t forget to arrange them properly to avoid clutter. It is best to arrange them in single file.

terracotta candles

The different colours that go well with terracotta

Terracotta is the official colour of baked clay pots. It is easily recognisable by its rusty, red or orange-brown hues, which are reminiscent of ancient pottery and handmade ceramics. This colour goes very well with different shades such as pink, white, blue and of course green plants.

terracotta color combination

It should be noted that it is important to know these elements well in order to be able to integrate these terracotta accessories such as the Jemaa El Fna candle perfectly into your decor.

The colour terracotta will always give you the impression of travelling to extraordinary destinations in the countries of the Mediterranean. This is precisely what Côté Bougie has aimed for with the 40,000 Marrakech collection. Its colours are inspired by the buildings of the city of Marrakech. Added to this, this range of candles can give off soft, subtle scents for several hours. The Rue de la liberté, for example, can give off a delicious scent for up to 80 hours.

moroccan candle

The ideal material for the environmentally conscious

As a reminder, terracotta is primarily obtained by firing clay and sand. Both are natural raw materials. This element is therefore very environmentally friendly. It does not contain any particles that are harmful to humans. Terracotta objects are therefore interesting accessories for ecological decoration.

At Côté Bougie, we promote an eco-responsible approach in the design of our terracotta scented candles. We provide consumers with collections made from noble and natural materials. We also attach great importance to the promotion of handmade products and Moroccan craftsmanship. This is one of the reasons why our candles are unique.

Discover how our craftsmen work with terracotta:

The best solutions to warm up the atmosphere in your room

The colour of terracotta accessories generally represents warmth and sunshine. These warm colours create a warm and unique atmosphere in your room. So that everything is in perfect harmony, don’t hesitate to make sure that your rugs, curtains and cushions also contribute to this atmosphere. If you choose ourRue Yves Saint-Laurent candle, you can enjoy a concentrate of joie de vivre with the fragrance it gives off.

How to place your terracotta accessories in your home?

Contrary to popular belief, terracotta is not just an outdoor decorative element. It is true that it is often used as a flower pot in the garden, but it can also be used in your home. A clay vase, pot or scented candle container can be placed anywhere in your home. On a table, a decorative chair, on the floor or on a shelf, they can help to beautify your home.

Wood and clay objects: a great combination

When it comes to decoration, terracotta accessories are suitable for all types of materials. But wood is the element that forms a perfect combination with these handcrafted objects. This combination allows you to enjoy a rustic, authentic and natural atmosphere in your home. This is exactly the effect that the candles of our 40.000 Marrakech collection are able to bring to all your rooms. Not to mention the fact that they can also create a pleasant atmosphere.

Pottery handmade candle

Successful decoration always means regular maintenance of accessories

It is essential to maintain your terracotta accessories so that they can preserve their beauty. This is a very basic task as you only need to clean it with white vinegar. But for that, it is judicious to be equipped with gloves, sponge and a brush. It is also preferable to use linseed oil to give your objects a shiny appearance. In addition, it is strongly recommended to be gentle in your actions to avoid damaging your pot, vase or candle container.

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