The history of the Tamegroute pottery

par Saïda & Omar
poterie tamegroute

Not just a pottery…

Immerse yourself in the rich and fascinating history of Tamegroute Pottery, an artisanal pottery produced since the 12th century in the Zagora region of Morocco. Once produced by Andalusian monks to finance their monastery, pottery is now the fruit of an ancestral tradition passed on from generation to generation.

Each piece of Tamegroute Pottery is unique, made from local clay and fired in traditional kilns.

What makes this pottery so special is its unique green glaze, obtained through a special copper-based technique applied to the pottery before firing.

The reaction of the glaze with the heat of the kiln gives each piece a deep and mysterious green hue, a signature of Tamegrout pottery.

The Tamegroute in your interiors

Local artisans continue to produce high quality pieces for local and international markets, ranging from traditional pieces, such as vases, candle holders, bowls and dishes, to more modern pieces, such as lighting and jewelry. Each piece tells a unique story, conveying the tradition and culture of the Zagora region through art and craft. Local artisans have also begun to produce more modern pieces, such as lighting and jewelry, while maintaining traditional production techniques.

Tamegroute Pottery is more than just a decorative object, it is a symbol of the local community’s pride and passion for their traditional craft.

The Tamegroute by Côté Bougie collection

We are delighted to have created with these artists a collection of scented candles in Tamegrout. This collection combines the traditional art of Moroccan pottery with the refreshing scent of mint & tea.

The Tamegrout candle is a perfect combination of traditional craftsmanship and perfumery. The Tamegrout container brings a touch of authenticity to your home, while the mint & tea scent refreshes the air and soothes the mind. Each candle is handcrafted with high quality natural ingredients for the ultimate relaxation and wellness experience.

By purchasing a Tamegroute candle, you are helping to preserve this age-old tradition and support the local artisans who keep this unique art alive. Treat yourself or your loved ones to this collection of Tamegrout scented candles for a unique sensory experience that transports your mind to the vast Moroccan deserts

Tamegroute vertTamegroute vert

Tamegroute vert

Poterie signature de l’artisanat du Sahara- vert. Ses céramiques artisanales sont [...]
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