How to choose the perfect scented candle for an unforgettable romantic atmosphere ?

par Saïda & Omar
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When it comes to creating a romantic atmosphere, scented candles are invaluable allies. Their soft glow, intoxicating fragrance and enveloping warmth help create a magical setting conducive to love. However, with so many options available on the market, it can be difficult to make the right choice. In this article, we will guide you through the essential criteria to be considered for select the perfect scented candle to brighten up your romantic evening.

1. Aesthetics and appearance are crucial

There’s more to romance than scent. Aesthetics also play a key role. Combine fragrance and decoration with scented candles in a variety of shapes, seductive colors and elegant patterns. Some candles are even designed with original materials to add a unique touch to your romantic experience. Accompany the candles with flower petals, leaves or colored stones to enhance the visual effect.

When it comes to aesthetics, the Itto, TamTam or Awa models come naturally to mind, but the options are numerous!

Itto Argile BlancItto Argile Blanc

Itto Argile Blanc

Notre Collection Itto, façonnée à la main, est représentative des poteries berbères. [...]
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Awa WhiteAwa White

Awa White

Les formes rondes sont plébiscitées dans la décoration cette année, et la tendance ne [...]
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2. Opt for floral and fruity scents

Floral scents like rose, jasmine and lavender naturally evoke romance and love. Candles scented with these floral notes help create a relaxing, romantic atmosphere. Fruity, gourmand notes add a welcome warmth to the atmosphere. These fragrances can evoke happy memories, as our sense of smell is closely linked to our emotions.

floral scent

3. The art of blending fragrances

Sometimes a simple candle just isn’t enough to create a flowery mood. This is where the art of blending fragrances comes into play. For example, the orange blossom fragrance blends perfectly with lavender, creating soft, floral notes ideal for a romantic evening. The choice of scents will depend on your personal preferences and the type of atmosphere you wish to create.

4. Amber, the perfect choice for a romantic evening

When you’re looking for a romantic ambience, amber scented candles are undoubtedly the best choice. This warm, sensual and spicy fragrance evokes the mysteries of a thousand and one nights, transporting you to a starry oriental sky. To take full advantage of its benefits, place the candle in an optimal location, and accompany it with a gentle melody to create a symphony of romance. A perfume diffuser can also create the perfect atmosphere.

Huile à Bruler AmbreHuile à Bruler Ambre

Huile à Bruler Ambre

L’huile concentrée de parfum Ambre de Côté bougie s’utilise avec un [...]
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5. Choose versatile, environmentally-friendly candles

Soy or vegetable wax candles are the most versatile for a romantic ambience. They burn smokelessly, preserving indoor air quality and preventing respiratory problems. These eco-friendly candles are ideal for use in the bedroom, bathroom or living room. At Côté Bougie, we attach particular importance to protecting the environment. Our scented candles are made from GMO-free mineral or soy wax, with all-natural cotton wicks, and we promote Moroccan craftsmanship through traditional manufacturing methods.

To create an unforgettable romantic atmosphere, choosing the right scented candle is essential. Chooseamber, floral or fruity fragrances, or combine different scents for a unique effect. Don’t forget the aesthetic aspect, selecting candles in attractive shapes and colors. Choose soy or vegetable wax candles for an environmentally-friendly approach. With these tips in hand, your romantic evening will be enhanced by the magic of scented candles!

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