Create the perfect ambience with our room sprays and reed diffusers

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Today, we’re exploring ways to use our room sprays and reed diffusers to transform your space into a haven of relaxation and well-being. Let’s find out how to make the most of these products to create an enchanting ambience in your home.

How do I use a reed diffuser?

Our reed diffusers work thanks to the natural absorption of fragrance by special fiber rods. Follow these steps for optimum performance:

  1. Smart placement Place the capilla in a central area of the room for even fragrance distribution.
  2. Remember to turn your sticks over from time to time for better fragrance diffusion.
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By using our sprays and diffusers thoughtfully, you can create a unique, welcoming atmosphere in your home. Explore our range of fragrances and be inspired to transform your space into an oasis of serenity.

How long does a reed diffuser last?

The average service life of our diffusers is :

  • 100 ml Reed diffuser : 30 to 60 days
  • 200 ml Reed diffuser : 90 to 120 days
  • 500 ml Reed diffuser : over 6 months

This time varies according to the room, its ventilation and the number of times the sticks are turned over.

How do I use a room spray?

The room spray is ideal for instantly refreshing a room. Here’s how to use it effectively:

  1. Ideal distance: Hold spray approx. 30 cm from fabrics, curtains or furniture.
  2. Small sprays: Avoid overuse by opting for a few light sprays. This allows the fragrance to disperse evenly.
  3. Strategic points: Target strategic points such as room corners, cushions or high-traffic areas for maximum effect.

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What fragrance should you choose for your home?

With our rich and varied range of fragrances, you can create a captivating, personalized ambience in every area of your home. Here’s how you can integrate each of our fragrances into different areas of your home

  • Amber

Ideal location: Living room, bedroom

Atmosphere: amber is often associated with warmth and sensuality. Use it to create an intimate, soothing atmosphere. Perfect for relaxing evenings.

  • Orange blossom

Ideal location: Bathroom, bedroom

Atmosphere: Orange blossom evokes freshness and purity. Use it in spaces where you want a soft, relaxing ambience.

Diffuseur bâtonnet Fleur d'orangerDiffuseur bâtonnet Fleur d'oranger

Diffuseur bâtonnet Fleur d'oranger

Diffuseur de parfums d'ambiance par capillarité pour une ambiance cocooning pure et [...]
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  • Mandarin Majorelle

Ideal location: Entrance hall, dining room

Atmosphere: Majorelle mandarin brings a touch of energy and freshness. Ideal for welcoming your guests in a positive atmosphere.

  • Kamoun

Ideal location: Office, workspace

Atmosphere: Kamoun (cumin) can have spicy, stimulating connotations. Use it in spaces where concentration and creativity are required.

  • Place des épices

Ideal location: Kitchen, dining room

Atmosphere: The spicy notes of this fragrance are perfect for creating a warm, stimulating atmosphere, ideal for meals with family or friends.

  • Fig

Ideal location: Kitchen, living room

Atmosphere: Figs add a fruity, gourmet note. Use it in living spaces to create a welcoming, convivial atmosphere.

Spray 100ml FiguierSpray 100ml Figuier

Spray 100ml Figuier

Spray d’ambiance pour la maison au parfum floral de Figuier 100 ml - [...]
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  • Oriental

Ideal location: Living room, bedroom

Atmosphere: An oriental fragrance can evoke rich, mysterious notes. Use it to create a sophisticated, enveloping ambience.

By integrating these fragrances in different areas of your home, you can create a varied and harmonious olfactory experience. Don’t hesitate to adjust the intensity of fragrances according to the size of each space.

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