Celebrating 20 years of craftsmanship, eco-responsibility and dreams

par Saïda & Omar
Côté Bougie 20 ans

For two decades, we’ve had the privilege of sharing the light and warmth of our work with you, while remaining resolutely committed to preserving our planet. This journey is marked by passion, creativity and our commitment to sustainability, values that have always been at the heart of our brand.

In 2003, we lit the first fuse of our adventure, with the vision of taking you on a journey through Moroccan craftsmanship, but also offering you a Moroccan olfactory discovery. Today, as we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we’re proud to look back and see how our small company has grown to become a benchmark in the world of eco-responsible handmade scented candles in Morocco.

Côté Bougie Villa Juna

Every candle we create is the fruit of hard work, expert craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, while remaining environmentally friendly.

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of seeing our candles shine in your homes, accompany your special events, and create a soothing atmosphere. Your ongoing support and loyalty are the reason we continue to improve every day, in the belief that quality craftsmanship can coexist harmoniously with environmental responsibility.

In this year of celebration, we’ve created new designs and packaging for you, our valued customers. We’re delighted to share this latest stage in our journey with you.

Thank you for standing by us during these 20 extraordinary years, for supporting our commitments and for choosing our candles to light up your lives.

The Côté Bougie Marrakech team

Bougie Zebré

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