Green Tamegroute

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Scented Candle pottery tamegrout in a signature green shade- the craftsmanship and skill is beautifully authentic to the Sahara desert.

His handcrafted ceramics are very rustic and are characterized by irregular shapes and colors that make each of them a unique piece. They all have flaws and imperfections that give them life and make them beautiful.

100% cotton wick - Mint Tea


  • Size S
  • Burn time 40 hours
  • Diameter 7 cm
  • Wicks 1 Wick


Olfactory pyramid Mint tea

The intoxicating freshness of a crumpled mint leaf between your hands, barely spiced up with hints of green tea.

Olfactory pyramid Mint tea

A story behind every candle



The pottery of Tamegroute offers real works of art in terms of pottery, but above all sublime colours for pieces that can be of a beautiful green enamel or ochre and brown. The art and decoration enthusiasts appreciate this Moroccan ancestral art, this Berber pottery, rustic which remains very particular and specific to this small town of the Moroccan south, located near Zagora.

Nombre d'avis : 5
Moyenne note : 4/5
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B, Adrienne le 12/21/21 4/5
Très joli cadeau avec un bel récipient fait main et un bon parfum!
Logo avis vérifiés
B, Jocelyne le 12/13/21 5/5
Elle est trop belle
Logo avis vérifiés
P, Anne le 11/08/21 5/5
Très belle découverte
Logo avis vérifiés
A, Odile le 11/08/21 5/5
Logo avis vérifiés
T, Morgane le 11/08/21 1/5
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Handmade 100% Artisan
Unique scents From Grasse