How does a capillary perfume diffuser work?

par Saïda & Omar

The interior of your home is supposed to give you a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. The perfume you use plays an important role in the atmosphere that will prevail there. This is the very objective of Côté Bougie through the various capillary perfume diffusers that we offer. They are specially designed to emit scents continuously in your home. We are going to see how to use in an optimal way your diffuser of perfume and to sublimate the odors of it. How does this model of diffuser work? How do you use it properly?

Diffuser by capillarity action: how does it work?

A capillary perfume diffuser works thanks to the presence of a support capable of absorbing a liquid and emitting it into the air by evaporation. The operation is very similar to that of essential oil diffusers such as thosefound here. The element in question can be a plant stem, a mineral or a cotton stem in a ceramic container. The support is generally placed in a more or less closed tank containing the perfumed or aromatised solution. It should be noted that this method of diffusion works according to the properties of the carrier used.

A well-scented interior thanks to plant stems

The majority of our customers prefer to use our stick diffusers. These sticks have the same absorption properties as the sponge. The fragrance then travels up the wand to the tip in the same way as the sap in plants and evaporates on contact with the air. As we attach great importance to the protection of the environment, our sticks are entirely natural. Our capillary diffusers are also available in a number of new and unique fragrances.

Combine decoration and scent with infused minerals

Plant stems are not the only medium used to spread delicious scents inside your home. Certain minerals can also diffuse a unique fragrance into a room. They are known for their beauty as they are a real decorative element. Minerals also work like sponges. They draw in liquid and disperse it into the air to create an aromatic atmosphere.

parfum oud
diffuseur oud

Ceramic: an excellent perfume diffuser 

Capillary fragrance diffusers can also be in the form of a ceramic vase. The latter usually has a cotton stem. It is thanks to this that the perfume rises by capillary action to come into contact with the air and evaporate. The container can also take different shapes. It can be flower, ball or cylinder shaped. Tastes and colours 🙂

We would also like to remind you that we always strive to offer high quality handmade products to our customers. Our ceramics are distinguished from other products by the irregularity of their shapes and colours, a sign of authenticity. For us, the best way to embellish and bring life to our vessels is to highlight their imperfections. This signature is also present in our other handmade ceramic products

How effective is this type of dissemination?

The way the capillary diffuser works has many advantages. The device does not require the use of electricity. This makes it easy to move to any location. Not to mention that this solution is completely environmentally friendly. It is this environmental approach that Saïda and Omar, creators of the artisanal house Côté Bougie, try to convey through their diffusers by favouring noble materials and natural products.

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Tips and tricks for optimal use of the capillary diffuser

We also invite you to discover our various tips for using your capillary diffuser effectively. It should be noted that several parameters must be taken into account for optimal use of the device. It should be noted that several parameters must be taken into account for optimal use of the device.

Varying scents and fragrances

It is important to know that our senses quickly become accustomed to a smell. This is why you should not hesitate to change your fragrance regularly in order to install a pleasant atmosphere in your home. The artisanal and family house Côté Bougie of Marrakech places at the disposal of its customers a broad panoply of refills of perfume by capillarity.

The products we offer are known for their unique scents, bringing a certain elegance to your rooms. It is important to note that your diffuser can be refilled over and over again. A variety of fragrances and aromas are available in our retail outlets and online shop to awaken your olfactory senses. Our fragrance refill collections range from floral with orange blossom, date and fig to oriental fragrances and gourmet aromas.

diffuseur de parfum fleur d'oranger

Use of the diffusers: turn the sticks frequently

If you wish to increase the intensity of the fragrance, we recommend reversing the direction of the plant stems. This is possible thanks to the inhibition of the end of the sticks after they have been immersed in the liquid for some time. It is also a good idea to vary the number of sticks to enhance the fragrance. The addition of a few sticks is especially necessary when the room is large.

perfume sticks

Possibility of customization of the diffuser for the decoration of your interior

Several models of capillary perfume diffusers are available on the market. You also have the possibility of customising your own. Côté Bougie never ceases to offer its customers products that promote Moroccan craftsmanship. Our diffusers can be wrapped in hand-woven raffiato bring a certain charm to your home. You can choose the shape, the volume and the colour of the model according to your tastes and desires.

We regularly release new collections, varying materials and designs, but always working closely with Moroccan craftsmanship and respecting its values.

The ideal location for the capillary fragrance diffuser

For your diffuser to work optimally, it is important to ensure that it is well placed. Each room has its own atmosphere and fragrance. The kitchen is also a room that constantly generates different smells. In order to create a pleasant atmosphere in the kitchen, we advise you to place a fragrance diffuser in the kitchen. Finally, of course, the living room and bedrooms are the ideal rooms for creating the atmosphere of your choice!

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