Blue Lagoon Marble S

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When the love of materials becomes a way of life,

When a way of life permeates the interior of your home.

Discover our new Marbré collection, with subtle scents imported from Grasse.

1 wicks - 100% cotton wick - lemon confit


  • Size S
  • Fragrance Amber
  • Burn time 40 hours
  • Diameter 7 cm

Delivery in 2 weeks

Olfactory pyramid Amber

Amber is a precious fragrance, which plunges us directly into the deserts of the East. It has mythical, subtle and warm notes, and it is sometimes attributed with aphrodisiac virtues …

Olfactory pyramid Amber

Collection Marbré


Collection Marbré

Quand l’amour des matières devient un art de vivre,Quand l'art de vivre s'immisce jusque dans votre intérieur. Découvrez notre nouvelle collection « marbrées" aux senteurs subtiles importées de Grasse.

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Shipping 5 / 6 Days
Handmade 100% Artisan
Unique scents From Grasse
Eco Friendly Scented Candles


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