Holm S


This Ceramic candle is entirely handmade using ancient pottery techniques by artisans from the Marrakech region.

1 Wicks 100% cotton - Orange blossom


  • Fragrance Orange blossom
  • Burn time 40 hours
  • Height 9 cm
  • Diameter 7 cm


Olfactory pyramid Orange Blossom

The scent of Orange Blossom at the return of spring, which spreads in all the streets of Marrakech, and whose  scent exudes a subtle sunny wake … The Orange Blossom offers a suave, fresh and sensual scent, which  envelope you of light and well-being.

Olfactory pyramid Orange Blossom

A story behind every candle



Chama Chraibi is a young up-and-coming contemporary visual artist from Casablanca, Morocco.

Her distinctive minimalist style emanates fresh, vibrant energy with aesthetically pleasing strokes and curves.

Well-known for minimalist drawing style, Chama uses the one-line drawing technique to simplify and represent the complex world

around her in one single continuous line. Amazigh culture as she creates her own graphic language of signs and symbols to translate her own experiences living in Morocco.

All candles of this collection are entirely handmade using age old pottery techniques by artisans in the region of Marrakech.

Shipping 5 / 6 Days
Handmade 100% Artisan
Unique scents From Grasse
Eco Friendly Scented Candles


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